I have been thinking about tutorials. I have a few ideas, but don’t have enough progress photos for some of them because I was in such a rush to finish them. I can start with a few things I do have pictures for and draw pictures or diagrams for the others if they could be explained. I think I will start with my Tidus sword because I don’t see many tutorials from girls about how to make props and I’ll see where that takes me.

Big *sigh*

Ah youma con you are over now….how horribly sad… (it doesn’t help that I could only get there Friday by 10:30 pm)

I had an amazing wonderful time and got to meet up with great friends I haven’t seen in a while and also met some delightful new ones!
It went by way too fast though. I did win a judges choice award for my Tidus cosplay (I will post some pictures after applying for some jobs lol) which was awesome because it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to. I wish I had a con planned soon in the future, but I do not. In the meantime I think I will try making up some tutorials of what I have made so far so keep an eye out for them!

Crunch Time!

So I have been waiting all summer long for youma con and it’s finally a work week away. Everything has delayed me, from grad school, to hanging out with friends and family functions. All of those things haven’t stopped me from doing what I love and making my Tidus cosplay for youma. It’s heading into crunch time…I have everything from making a stretch suit to making jewelery but I think I can accomplish it in four days! Let’s do this thing!!


Thank goodness for goodwill! When I went looking for a sweater and dress the night before a con it said, “yup we have those!”. Since I’m away at school with no car I was so lucky. Other than that I borrowed fellow cosplayer, Peppers shoes and the ears she had made!
How I constructed it: I made little wings from cut out foamies Pepper cut out as well :P I painted the wings a pale yellow color and took my styled wig she styled (I hadn’t figured out how to style them yet) and put it on! I also altered the dress a little bit. Sadly I was in the middle of finals and crazyness in school so I did not have time to do everything myself. Thankfully I graduate soon!!

Getting Started

Everybody has to start somewhere, so
this is my sendoff.
If anyone’s out there glancing this page it’s under construction, but soon I hope to have many beautiful pictures of my costumes and advice for fellow enthusiasts who dream the same dreams as me. I hope to have tutorials that amaze and posts that people can use for years to come. So enjoy as this site morphs into something I hope everyone can enjoy.

TF2 Fem Blu Spy

This was my first cosplay that I ever completed and I mostly bought items that fit best! My friends wanted to do a TF2 group cosplay for Acen the first year I went. I had no idea what TF2 was but I thought being a spy would be cool! No one else ended up finishing their cosplays in time but I still had fun wearing it! I have learned alot about this game and the fans following it just by wearing it, making friends along the way.
How I constructed it: The only thing I constructed was the mask which is a prop you can use in the game. I carefully painted it with paint and sprayed it with a layer of clear spray paint! Most of my items I found on ebay and eventually my friend made a knife for me. I will probably redo the knife one day but this is an easy go to costume because it takes up so little room >.<

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I was Kneesocks from the Anime Panty and Stocking with one of my friends, Pepperbots, at acen this year. We had one crazy day on Saturday finally getting on all of our makeup and cloths on and arriving late to our judging at 2. It was a busy day and even while trying to practice poses for the masquerade we had people wanting to take pictures :) It was a lot of fun and I had a bunch of people asking how I made my costume. I really enjoy sparking peoples interests and teaching them new techniques so I’ll explain how I made my costume here!
Jacket: I took a double breasted pattern off of burda’s website and it had minimal instructions and no seam allowances. Talk about a pain in my a**. Since I have never sewn anything as complicated as this I had to look up how to do arm holes and the darn lapeled collar. Do not do a lapeled collar with a collar stand if you can help it. I couldn’t work the fabric very well but it ended up looking great! Just DIFFICULT. Arm holes were pretty much a breeze and I found a great website that showed how to attach the lining and bottom in a nice clean way.
Skirt: The skirt was a simple skirt pattern and even though I have never done a skirt before it was easy peesy.

Arm Band: My partner Pepperbots made this for me with iron on adhesive fabric so it would look exactly like hers!

Wig: The wig was a powder blue jeannie from Arda. My partner had already cut the bangs for this wig when I got it but I styled the front with some hairspray, got2be and tacky glue to make sure it stayed put. For the pony tail I cut each section I wanted to the right length, took some bulk out and teased it from the bottom. I then glued the ends with got2be and used lots of hairspray!

Scythes: The scythes were made with a dowel rod, model magic, and insulation foam. I traced out a design and cut the foam with my friends band saw (scary!). I then sanded the edges down so they were graduated. I put model magic on the bottom for the decoration and on the bottom of the foam to make it clean. I then primed it spray painted it black, painted gold on and then a clear coat. I would have painted the gold on first if I did it again. I also plan on remaking this as it has somehow got bubbles under the paint.

Makeup: We used mehron facepaint. It’s a water base paint that we sponged on. We used a hairdryer on cool mode to help the paint dry quickly. I used some eyeshadow powder which I mixed with water to get a thicker application. I got some fake eyelashes and feather eyelashes from a random website and cut them to get the one long eyelash at the end. I put a little tacky glue mixed with water on it to get it to stay together and straight. We used red lipstick with a gloss coat and lip liner underneath.

Kuranosuke Koibuchi

I really felt like a princess in this beautiful dress! I really feel like I’m Kuranosuke when I’m in it. I looked in the mirror for the first time with it on and was shocked! With all the hard work that went into this cosplay it was like a dream come true!
How I constructed it: Dress: I got a dress pattern for a bodice and altered it to fit my body with a mock-up so it would fit almost perfectly. I used some very nice wedding satin that I got on sale. For the skirt part I made my own pattern and had to alter it halfway through to get it to be more circular. I added a ruffled edge and sewed all the pieces together with a satin stitch so it looks like the ruffle is part of the skirt. The bodice was boned and hand stitched on the inside. The fuffles were also hand tacked and the hem had to be hand sewn very carefully. I then added ruffles to the top of the skirt and I was done!
Beads: I used some clear thread for beading jewelry on and took metal stoppers and painstakingly sewed each one together. At the top I added a snap and added snaps on the edge of the dress so they were removable.
Necklace: I got some giant pearl beads online and thought I could dye them purple. It ended up not working. I had to sand them all down and hand paint them with purple metallic/pearl paint. I then spray coated them with satin clear finish and threaded them together and added fastenings.